How to restore when the website is crashed?

When your website is down and you don't have an access to your dashboard, you have two option for restoration:

1. WordPress reinstallation

  • Reinstall a new/clean WordPress instance
  • Install BackupGuard plugin
  • Import your backup you want to restore
  • Restore and you're done!

2. Manual restoration

  • First of all, you should extract your archive. More detailed information regarding extraction you can find here:
  • Connect with FTP client (e.g. FileZilla or Cyberduck) and upload the extracted wp-content directory on your server
  • Now using cPanel tools (e.g. phpMyAdmin), import your database .sql file to restore the database too
  • After importing .sql file, find what's the database table prefixe in your DB
  • Now open the wp-config.php file and make sure the table_prefix is the same as imorted in your DB

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