WordPress Backup and Migration Plugin

We offer you the easiest way to backup and restore your WordPress blog.

Based on our own backup technology, our WordPress backup plugin is the best backup and migration choice for WordPress based websites or blogs.

Trusted by thousands of users, our goal is to simplify and minimize the backup and restore process of any WordPress based website or blog.

  • Easy website migration
  • Support of very large sites
  • New archive format: faster and smaller than Zip or Tar
  • Lower CPU and RAM usage
  • Precise progress tracking
  • Chunked backup process to surpass server limitations

WordPress Backup Features

One Click Backup

Perform full or custom backups of your site with just one click. We don't have issues with large files or databases thanks to our own archive format.

Upload to Cloud

We provide an easy and reliable way to secure your irreplaceable documents and media: automatically upload them to any cloud of your choice.

Reliable Restore

No backup is good if it cannot be restored. Our software has been tested in dozens of different environments and restoration is just as good as backup.

Automatic Backups

Schedule your backup tasks to be performed automatically by your server. Your scheduled backups can also be customized and get uploaded to clouds.


Any backup task can be fully customized. You choose the files and/or directories to backup, whether to backup database, clouds to upload to and more.

Background Mode

When background mode is active, your backup/restore process will consume less CPU resources and therefore allow them to be used by other processes.

Mail Notifications

By just entering your e-mail, receive notifications whenever a backup or restore process gets finished. You will be notified on both cases, success or failure.


You can download any of your existing backups whenever you want. Also, you are able to import backups by using our wizard or just copying the files to the specified folder.

WordPress Migration

Migrating a WordPress based website has never been so easy! Just backup your website with BackupGuard and restore the backup in a fresh WordPress installation.

BackupGuard does everything for you:

Migrate your files

Migrate your database

Refactoring of all urls

Refactoring of all file names and image paths

Serialized data refactoring


Silver Personal


  • Lifetime license for 2 websites / domains
  • Product security updates (1 year)
  • Customer support (1 year)
  • Website backup & restore
  • Website migration
  • Scheduled backups (single profile)
  • Backup to Dropbox
  • Backup to FTP / SFTP
  • Mail notifications
  • Download backup on PC
  • Upload backup from PC ( no FTP required )

Gold Business


  • Lifetime license for 5 websites / domains
  • Product security updates (1 year)
  • Customer priority support (1 year)
  • All features in Sliver package +
  • Backup to Google Drive
  • Backup to Amazon S3
  • Backup to OneDrive
  • Restore from all above supported clouds
  • Delete server backup copy after upload
  • Backup retention
  • Customize backup name

Platinum Developer


  • Lifetime license for unlimited websites / domains
  • Product security updates (1 year)
  • Customer emergency Tech support (1 year)
  • All features in Gold package +
  • Scheduled backups (multiple profiles)
  • Ability for specifying cloud backup paths
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