Backup Solution Features

Easy Website Backups

One Click Website Backup

Perform full or custom backups of your site with just one click. Make your backup and restoration way faster and much easier. We don't have issues with large files or databases thanks to our own archive format.

Offsite Website Copies

Multiple copies of your backups are kept in our servers. If something happens to your server, don't worry! Just restore all from any backup you have! Sleep in peace knowing that your data is kept guarded in our servers.

Multiple Backups of Website
Secure Data


We store redundant copies of your backups in Amazon’s servers. Providing a durability level of 99.99%, Amazon S3 is one of the most reliable alternatives for data storage. We also encrypt your backups using one of the strongest block ciphers available, AES-256.

Backup Unlimited Websites

Add as many websites or profiles as you want. We don't put a limit on the number of websites, profiles or sources, or the number of backups they can have. Perfect for small and large businesses that have multiple websites.

Backup Unlimited Websites
Incremental Backups


Use your space in an intelligent way. Only backup your full website once, then just keep the changes. This means you can back up only the data that have changed since the last backup. Anyway, you can create master backups anytime you want.

Reliable Restore

You can bring all your backed up data to a former, original state. No backup is good if it cannot be restored. Our software has been tested in dozens of different environments and restore is just as good as backup.

Restore Data
Automate Website Backup Process

Fully Automatic Backups

Schedule your backup tasks to be performed automatically. Your scheduled backups can also be customized. This is for you to be sure that your data will be backed up regularly at a certain time.

Custom Backup Profile

Customize the backup profile to meet your specific needs. Any backup task can be fully customized. You choose the files/folders to backup, whether to backup database, incremental or master, and more.

Customize Backup Profile
Archiving Solutions

Smart Archiving

We offer flexible archiving solutions to encompass any client requirements. We use our own archive format. It's faster and smaller than Zip or Tar, and it doesn't have limitations on the archive/file size or the number of files it can contain.

Mail Notifications

Receive notifications whenever a backup or restore process gets finished. You will be notified on both cases, success or failure. You can opt to not receive notifications if you desire so.

Mail Notifications