BackupGuard Features

WordPress Backup Plugin
WordPress oriented backup
WordPress oriented backups

Specially designed for WordPress, with BackupGuard plugin you can easily backup and restore your WordPress based website or blog.

Migration made easy
Migration made easy

Either you are changing your domain or your server, with BackupGuard plugin you can migrate your website like any common restore process.

All in one solution
All in one solution

BackupGuard provides backup, restore, migration, monitoring and security features for any WordPress based website.

Upload to Cloud
Upload to cloud

Keeping only local copies is not recommended. Select the cloud of your preference and upload your backups right away.

Automatic Backups
Schedule automatic backups

Schedule your backups to perform automatically. Your scheduled backups can also be customized and get uploaded to clouds.

Reliable Restore
Reliable restore

No backup is good if it cannot be restored. Our software has been tested in dozens of different environments and restoration is just as good as backup.

Offsite backup
Effective archiving

We offer flexible archiving solutions to encompass any client requirements. We use our own archive format.

Low CPU and RAM usage
Low CPU and RAM usage

BackupGuard is designed to work in any low-resource environment. Process can also run in background mode.

Chunked backup and restore
Chunked backup and restore

Both backup and restore processes are performed by chunks to avoid interruptions from part of PHP or the system.