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Understanding Website Backup. Why It’s Important?

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website backup

Website backup- is a necessary measure to insure against crashes, hacking and data loss. So website backup is one of the most important steps you should consider.

Before proceeding to the procedure itself, let’s talk about what type of sites there are and what is the difference when you create a website backup.

There is only one website characteristic that affects the process of creating a backup. So, according to structure, the sites are divided into types – with a database or without it.

Almost all modern, multi-page web sites have databases. This includes websites and blogs created using content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, Joomla, and others. The database contains articles and pages, comments, service information and so on. And all the layout, images, icons, styles and scripts are kept in the site files, which are interconnected with the database.

However, for security reasons, the backup of databases and site files is done separately. This is why the backup is done in two stages – a copy of a database and website files are created separately.

Sites without a database are one-page websites, small old sites created on HTML and CSS using additional scripts. Backups of these sites are relatively easy, since you only need to save all the files of the site.

The Concept of Backup

Backup is the preservation of your data files. In the case of websites it is the preservation of the site files and databases.

Who makes backups?

Today, most of web hosting providers offer paid backup services. That is, a copy of the site and the database is automatically generated, usually once a day. You can usually check the info on how often the website backup is done on the web hosting control panel.

Such automatic backups are stored separately and do not take up disk space allocated to your sites. These backups can be full or partial, depending on what’s specified in hosting service support.

You can also create backups in the hosting own your own. But such manual backups will be stored next to your site and occupy disk space. Therefore, after making the copy it is best to transfer it to your computer.

How often should you make a copy?

If you are interested in how often you need to back up your website, then the simple answer is – make a site backup once a week, and certainly before any experiments or updates on the site.

Generally, the database crashes rarely happen. Mainly site operability problems arise due to a conflict in the files.

Therefore, many experienced website owners make regular backups of sites, but when working with separate files, they only create copies of those files.

How many website copies do you need?

This, of course, depends on the website and the individual needs of your online business. I recommend storing the backup in a few places. And, in any case, make sure the previous copy is not be overwritten by the new one. Because anything can happen (file is damaged, data loss during transmission), but you can use the previous backups.

What backup methods to use?

There are a number of ways to backup a website. There are plugins for these purposes, backup service providers, hosting tools that allow you to create backups in manual and automatic mode. Each website owner decides for themselves which option will work the best for them.

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