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Tips To Secure Restaurant Website And Protect Important Data

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The way of handling the restaurant business has changed ever since the boom of online ordering and takeaway. The app-based food ordering, social media marketing, selling process, and digital communication channels all have changed since the marketers choose to create a strong online presence to bring revenue and profits. 

The restaurant industry has changed drastically, changing the ways of enjoying delicious food. People tend to feel more comfortable ordering food online than from a visiting restaurant itself. Hence, more and more restaurants are investing in websites and applications that provide an open platform to indulge in straight competition with the big whales. But what do they miss? Security of the website. 

Indeed, technology has created a major impact on the restaurant business because more than 80% of diners today browse the menu online before visiting a restaurant, so having a mobile-responsive website is a must. But security is equally important. A restaurant website needs to flourish with ease. This article will capture your focus on restaurant website security and how the website can be secured from malware that further damages the business. 

Imagine you are running a small cafe; what would be the basic level of security in place? You would perhaps have secured doors with locks, CCTV cameras, etc. These are the most common things people can relate to and understand. But what if you are also having a website and accepting online orders? You are not dealing with conventional transactions now. 

In short, hackers are constantly looking for loopholes in your website that they can exploit. And the most valuable thing they search for is data. Whether that is credit card details or your customer’s ordering history, your restaurant website and your business are at risk unless you take some important actions to secure it. Before focusing on points, let’s understand what restaurant website security is? 

What is Restaurant Website Security?

Security of important data and information related to the customer or the business is of most importance. The breach of such security or data can result in damage to the restaurant business. 

Diners enter their details, use cards, and enter bank details, which need to be kept secure from hackers or outsiders. Theft of such important information costs a business more, and consequently; they lose the customers forever. 

Financial losses, breaches of information, and data manipulation all need to be taken care of to ensure the smooth running of a business. For all these purposes, restaurant website security is essential. And this can be achieved through an ample number of steps, such as integrating SSL certificates that monitor the website data. 

Without any ado, let’s look at the important steps you need to perform to protect important data. 

Proven Tips to Secure Your Restaurant Website

The food delivery business giants, such as GrubHub, UberEats, Zomato, etc., are aware of having customers’ trust. Hence, they invest millions of dollars in protecting their site’s security and maintaining the trust of their customers. But small and medium scale restaurants don’t have the inexhaustible budget to make their sites strong. Hence, here we are going to explore the most valuable assets at the lowest possible cost. 

Choose a Secure Restaurant Website Platform

All website platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, but some are more secure than others or have security plugins to make the website robust. Hence, all you need to choose is a website builder for a restaurant business that comes with many security features and plugins and protects your website against a range of threats, including malware infection, SQL injections, and cross-site scripting. 

Integrate SSL Certificate 

The convenience of online ordering shouldn’t come with an additional side of fraud, which is what your customers want. The best way to make your restaurant’s website secure is to set up HTTPS (secure socket layers), which encrypts all information going to and from your site. 

To ensure the online business runs smoothly and user data is protected, every site should have an SSL certificate. The SSL certificates ensure encrypted communication between a server and a browser by deploying digital certificates to the site. To comply with PCI standards, SSL certificates are also required. SSL certs with security enhancements can protect multiple subdomains with a single domain certificate. 

Update Your Site-plugins Regularly 

As we said earlier, hackers always find loopholes and keep their eyes strong on the vulnerabilities within the site. Hence, website developers update plugins regularly to fix those dents. For instance, if your restaurant website is built with WordPress, updating security and other plugins is important on a timely basis. Look for the necessary updates and fix the dents before a hacker cracks them. 

Enforce Strong Passwords or Use 2-step Authentication 

Keeping a strong password for your restaurant website is one of the ways that reduce the chances of data threats. In the same way, 2-step Authentication takes a much longer time to logins. In addition, as modern computers and phones securely save passwords for you, there are fewer chances of getting caught, and keep your customer’s sensitive data secure for you. 

Security Badges that You Must Integrate

18% of consumers are known to abandon their carts regularly due to the absence of security badges. In reality, there are plenty of security badges available, but it is hard to choose which one is best. You can rely on popular PayPal, Verisign, and McAfee security badges to enhance the security level. As the value and authenticity of trust seals keep changing over time, you’re free to experiment with others.

Final Verdict 

Surely you believe that you can protect your restaurant website from intruders using only these 5 tips? Well, no. There are no limits to cybercrime. Incorporating these seven sure-fire tips into your website will make it more secure. It does not matter if you have a large eatery business or a small one, ensure you secure your website with these simple tips.

It is always a good idea to regularly follow the adobe steps and update the website. Your restaurant business will boom faster the more secure the website is.

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