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Why You Need Automated Website Backups

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It’s practically impossible to defend against website hacking on the internet, without applying any measures of precaution and not paying attention to the security of you web resources. There will always be talented hackers who can discover flaws and loopholes in the code of any website, using which they can cause some serious damage to the site. The various failures of the server, which can also occur, sometimes have a negative impact on the preservation of the website data.

The reliable operation of sites depends on how frequently the backups of the database and all existing web resource files are made. Taking into consideration all of the above, website owners should think in advance about the website security, as well as plan automated website backups, to be able to recover website data in case of emergencies.

Typically, each reliable hosting company provides security services and performs data backups regularly. The main purpose of backups is to restore website after a failure of the server, data loss or hacking of the site. Even if you use the services of the largest and most well-known hosting company, it is better not to rely on just the hosting company and take care of automated website backups yourself.

Daily backup of website data by the hosting provider and the watchfulness of the website owner are the best options against hacking and data loss. Thus website backup is a good protection against site hacking.

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You should know that even if you choose to automatically backup files and databases of websites, forums or blogs, you should still control the process. Each website owner, especially if they care about the project, is required to make a backup of files and databases, keeping it on their computers.

Typically, backup frequency is determined based on the frequency of website updates. The most optimal would be to back up the database daily. The backup files are not very heavy and the process itself is very quick and won’t take a lot of your time. You should also update the backup of the web project after making changes to the files.

Backup of websites of companies or firms, organizations and enterprises should be carried out not only by the hosting company. The ideal option is to have a dedicated employee, who will be responsible for maintaining databases and backups. If the owner of the website has its own server, then the system administrator should carry out website and database backups and keep track of data copies.

As you can imagine, automated website backups are very important because problems are inevitable, and you should be able to take action when an unexpected happens. Spending a few minutes to make a simple, convenient backup of the database, you will be able to devote more time to creativity and productivity of your site.

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