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6 Things You Should Be Doing on Your WordPress eCommerce Site

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WordPress is the most popular website builder, and for great reasons — it’s free and easy to use. That’s why it isn’t surprising that this platform powers 40% of all the websites on the internet.

However, did you know that WordPress is also the most popular platform for eCommerce sites? It even reigns over the next contender that people often consider the most popular CMS for eCommerce, i.e., Shopify.

You can easily set up an online store using the platform. However, here are some things you should be doing on your WordPress eCommerce site to make it better and safer.

Ensure Great Design

Once you’ve chosen your eCommerce plugin, you can start building your store. The first and most obvious thing you need to take care of is your web design. Pick a great theme as the basis for the design and build on from there.

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Your site should be attractive-looking, but there’s much more to it than looks. Some essential elements of great eCommerce web design include the following:

  • Easy navigation
  • Simple checkout process
  • Great visuals
  • Smart use of white space

The point is to focus the visitors’ attention on the products and make them as appealing as possible. Furthermore, potential customers shouldn’t have a hard time finding their way around the shop.

Another thing to think about is including your brand elements and making them blend into the overall design. A generic-looking site looks unprofessional and careless, which will certainly hurt your bottom line.

Present Products in the Best Light

One of the essential things you should be doing on your WordPress eCommerce site is making sure your products page is flawless. You can nail everything else but fail here, and your store will never soar. To present your products in the best possible light, you need to have great visuals. That doesn’t mean only great images, although images are the most convenient way to present your product.

Make sure customers can zoom in on the product so that they can truly get the picture of the texture and material. You can also make interactive 3D models of products, which customers can rotate, open, and manipulate in other ways. You may also include instructional videos. In creating instructional videos, make sure to use a video converter so you can have the best quality possible for your video. In essence, you should use anything that can help customers experience the product more closely since they can’t see it in person.

Apart from the visuals, make sure all the necessary details are included, such as product description, price, similar suggestions, and social proof.

Make Your Site SEO-Friendly

SEO optimization on a WordPress Ecommerce site

If you want your site to get noticed, you need to pay special attention to SEO. Optimizing your store for search engines can help you breakthrough, drive a lot of traffic, and get many return customers.

There are many elements of SEO to think about, but the most important one is speed. If your loading speed is slowish, your bounce rate will go through the roof. Today, users are used to not having to wait for websites to open, so a few seconds is enough to drive them away. Fairly addressing this issue, you should complete the steps to speed up your WordPress website not to lose your site visitors

Other things to think about include keyword research, internal linking, site structure, social media integration, link building, and technical SEO.

Finally, since half of all the internet traffic today comes from mobile devices, you should also make sure you have a solid mobile version of the site. It’s especially important to make viewing your products as easy as (or even easier than) it is on desktop devices.

Ensure Website Data Backup

In the unfortunate event of a server crash, malware attack, or another disaster, you can lose all your data if you don’t secure it. No matter how great the system, there are always loopholes to be exploited, and your website can suffer huge data loss and other damage.

Automatic website backups are one of the vital things you should be doing on your WordPress eCommerce site. The frequency of these backups is also important. The more often they occur, the more data you’ll preserve in an unfortunate event or a malicious attack.

A simple backup solution for your WordPress-based store is an appropriate plugin. BackupGuard’s backup plugin is a robust tool that allows you to restore your site within minutes. Your data will be safe and only a click away, and BackupGuard helps you migrate the site with ease.

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Take Your Site Security Up a Notch

As an eCommerce business, you handle a lot of transactions, and your customers trust you to keep their financial and personal information safe. If you hurt that trust by falling prey to a cyberattack or multiple attacks, you will never get them back.

If you want to avoid common website security threats, you need to take all the precautions you can. Some of them include strong passwords, two-factor authentication, securing the admin board, installing updates, etc.

However, if you want to take your security efforts to a whole new level, you should get a proper plugin. BackupGuard has a robust WordPress Security plugin, which allows you to scan your site for potential threats and eliminate them. A full scan is only a click away, and it makes it difficult for any attempts at security breaches to come through.

Have Great Content

Great content on a WordPress Ecommerce website

So when you make sure your online store is fully functional and well-protected, it’s time to help it reach a wider audience. The best way to accomplish that is to create and maintain an informative blog on your site. A quality blog will give your store another dimension and establish your brand as trustworthy and useful.

A blog is also a great way to ramp up your SEO efforts. Research the topics and keywords relevant to your audience and create valuable content around these. For example, if you’re selling clothes, you can write about seasonal trends, ways to use a piece of accessory, how to freshen up a certain look, etc. You can also have these blog posts promote your products by integrating links that lead to them. Don’t forget to add visuals. Create infographics , graphs, and charts to make your
posts more compelling

These are some of the most important things you should be doing on your WordPress eCommerce site if you want it to succeed. Hopefully, you will find our tips helpful.

Jennifer Wilson is a writer at Qeedle.com She knows business processes and operations management inside out. As she understands all the challenges of running a small business firsthand, it’s her mission to tackle the topics that are most relevant to entrepreneurs and offer viable solutions.

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