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Top 5 Benefits of Online Backup

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So, you’ve just picked up a domain and hosting company for your website and now you think it’s time to enrich it with outstanding content. Think twice before taking the next action though. There’s another crucial step you might be omitting. That is- how to protect your data against any technological force-majeure. In other words, you need to choose a type of website backup to safeguard yourself against fire, flood, theft or other tech disasters.

Of course, you can always copy your data on a USB or other devices, to be on the safe side. But imagine it’s lost or damaged. The very thought of creating the valuable content from scratch is depressing, isn’t it?

“Prevention is better than cure”, the English proverb runs, and in your case, prevention is better than repetition as well. The good news is that as the whole world is going online the “the clouds” are leaving USB drives far behind as long online website backups are concerned. So, let’s find out what are the 5 main benefits of online website backups over the so-called ‘manual’ ones:

1. Safety

Well, undoubtedly, safety is the biggest “silver lining” of the clouds where your data is going to be backed up. No longer will you worry about cases of theft, hacking or other tech “cataclysms”. Now the information on your website will be stored in encrypted servers and systems that reduce the threats and risks your data can be posed to. So, rest assured that even if, for example, your main drive were stolen or damaged, you would be able to easily recover the data from these secure cloud systems.

2. Convenience and accessibility

Online website backups release you from the necessity to manually back up your data on transportable devices, so you are free from physical handling. That’s good news, indeed. Besides, you can access your online website backups irrespective of your location: all you need to have is decent internet connection. So, you have a remote access to the data since the “the clouds” have no singular physical location. The process is automated which gives you more time to focus on your main work rather than ruminating about the possibility of data loss. Simple as that!

3. Lower prices

Online website backups generally are cost-effective as compared to their manual “counterparts”. Let’s face it: not only should you buy tape drives, servers, or other hardware or software but also ensure transfer of the devices to a remote location and hire IT people to run and troubleshoot backup systems. Not persuaded yet? Then scroll down for more benefits of online options.

4. Ease of Recovery

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In case of cloud backup options, you won’t need to worry if your data gets lost or erased because of an individual error or deletion occurred. Multiple levels of redundancy (i.e. the online backup server stores multiple copies of your data in completely different locations) will easily track and make your data available again. Just make sure you have stored as many levels as possible. The more you have stored, the better protected you are against loss. There are quite a few reliable cloud solutions to opt for, and the best of them will allow you to recover lost data in short time frames and without interrupting your workflow.

5. Data Versioning

And, finally, what is radically different between saving your data on a USB and online server is that the latter allows you data versioning. It’s a God-given option for any website!

Ideally, a backup company should (and that’s what the best backup services do) keep all the subsequent copies of your data, so you can browse and retrieve your data from earlier copies as well. And of course, it’s especially invaluable if you happen to work with the type of files which are constantly updated and you need to “revive” some data that you overwrote or erased accidentally.

To sum up, easy to recover, cost-efficient and easily accessible, “cloud” backups give you peace of mind as far as your data safety is concerned. Of course, opting for online website backups you will find out more benefits than listed in this article. Please, feel free to share them and comment in the section below!

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